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The third generation of the Volkswagen Touareg is able to cope with difficult terrain, as well, and is almost up for any challenge. It climbs slopes with a gradient of 45 degrees, descends hills at 2-3 km/h thanks to an electronic assistance, and masters the lateral slope gradient of up to 35 degrees. For vehicles with additional independent heating, the fuel tank capacity is enlarged by up to 90 liters. Area View is another example of a interesting solution which displays the whole area around the Volkswagen Touareg to the driver on a display.

The Offroad Parcours.

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Offroad Parcours Map


The first offroad barricade out of 26! After this barricade the belts get tightened. There is no better start for this adrenalin filled adventure with the Volkswagen Touareg.

Sand bed

The driver surfs through the stones, not with a surfboard, but with the Touareg. With his technical assistance systems, like differential lock, the passing through is made very comfortable.

Stone waves

The driver gets the feeling of Dakar, when he laps in the sand bed.

Wall passage

Bricks, road coatings and stones. That’s the wall passage. What seems to be easy, makes you feel the pure offroad feeling after the first meters.

Trunk 45°

A range of 45° ordered trunk shows you what the Touareg can afford in this terrain.


No space for a change manoeuvre on this bridge. Three meters above the ground there’s a bridge made out of two U-forms.

Corduroy road/ log causeway

A trunk-track is passed over. These corduroy roads were used during the snowmelt in North European countries, when the ground turned into an impassable bog.

Ground track

This part is essential on every offroad track, because here you can freak out before the next attraction.

Lateral inclination 35°

Touareg in lateral position and still steady on the ground. Hill with 35° lateral inclination.

Dry river bed

A desiccated river bed, like those you find in the “Grand Canyon”. Big and small rock barricades are blocking the passing through, but the Touareg makes his job with bravura.

Crushed stones

“Crushed stones are accruing by grinding stones”. The car drives through the stone ground, without showing any weakness.


An extreme offset passage must be passed. The trunks are ordered, so that minimum one tire is always in the air.


Two U-formed crossings must be managed. No, don’t drive around the attraction. You get the best result, if you pass the attraction through diagonally.

100% uphill

A mountain with 45° acclivity. This acclivity pledges dorsale. The surface is made out of broken stones in a cement bed.

Mountain50% / 26

A mountain with 26° acclivity. The surface is made out of concrete blocks.

Mountain50% / 26°

A mountain with 26° acclivity. The surface is made out of concrete blocks.

Mountain45% / 24°

A mountain with 24° acclivity. The surface is made out of tightened crushed stones.

Extreme ramp

70% acclivity followed by 80% fall shall be managed here. The driver has the feeling to float.

Blindes Abbiegen

Die Auffahrt ist ein „Klacks“, denn der Touareg macht seinen Job im Offroad Gelände hervorragend. Um aber auf der Spitze mit Blick in den Himmel abbiegen zu können, wird Unterstützung nötig. Area View hilft, die Kurve zu sehen und auf der Strecke zu bleiben.

„Via Appia“

The driver conquers an old Roman road made out of stones and holes in the Touareg.

Trunk M

In the ground there are fixed trunks and there are only waiting to be passed over.


Er speit keine Lava mehr, sorgt aber trotzdem für Adrenalin. Umso höher man den Vulkan mit den Reifen erklimmt, umso besser wird das Gefühl der Schräglage im Auto.


This isn’t allowed in the city, but for the Touareg there’s no technical problem to manage these steps. It goes up and down on over a barricade made out of convrete.

Water passing through

The water is 50 cm deep. The Touareg passes through the water, the driver stays dry.


The last barricade of the offroad track. A part which is maimed with craters and little hills. Here the driver is brought back to reality again.

Offroad Parcours Map Hint

Your personal adventure

Starter Package

Seated in the front seat of Volkswagen Touareg next to a professionally trained instructor behind the wheel, brace yourself for an unforgettable experience.

Price: € 40  (the price is valid for 1 to 3 persons + instructor)

Power Package

Sixty minutes behind the steering wheel of Volkswagen Touraeg. You are the driver, with your instructor in the front passenger seat.

Price: € 80  (the price is valid for 1 to 3 persons + instructor)


Give your friends a real adventure.

Available in VW Shop

Opening Hours

April – October

Monday – Sunday

08:00 – 17:00

The Offroad Parcours track is open from April to October. For safety reasons, access for children under the age of 12 is denied.


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